Public Sector

Business Issues Facing The Public Sector

Integrated financials processing

Traditional financial integration is lacking in many government organizations. This causes financial loss and lack of responsiveness to constituents/stakeholders.

and fund management

Extending traditional financial integration with the key government dimensions/processes above, out of the box, provides immediate value to public sector organizations.

Financial reporting to GASB

Cash basis and modified accrual accounting methods are critical for governments. They must follow Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) regulations when reporting financials. They need a system that facilitates multiple sets of books to accommodate these disparate financial reporting and compliance needs.

Payroll management

Getting staff paid timely and accurately often requires manual interaction with disparate systems, managerial reviews, manual adjustments. Robust payroll management is a must have.

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Public sector hands on work experience and knowledge has been gained while interfacing with Glasgow City Council, National Grid and Liverpool City Council.