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SAP Project Management

cihIT will deploy a single project manager to focus on your implementation activities from the start to the end.

SAP activate project methodology will be used by the project manager to deliver you solution. Activate is a fully ISO certified methodology which has been used in the successful deployment of thousands of SAP projects. The project manager will also be responsible for all business readiness activities which will include communications, stake holder management, change impact assessment and end user training.

cihIT will deploy the implementation team at your location (s) as is required to deliver the project on time and to a high level of quality. The project manager will be fully responsible for adherence to the SAP activate methodology as well as ensuring that the object governance requirements are document, agreed and adhere to from the start to the end of the project. A project plan will be completed at the prepare stage and updated on a real time basis to ensure that clear communications and actions as required are effected.

On site fortnightly reviews of the project status will be conducted by the cihIT project manager.